You know these clothes do not flatter you at all. It should be a dress or nothing. I happen to have no dress in my cabin.

Garb is any element of attire for a pirate. This includes shirts, vests, coats, pants, belts, shoes, sashes, and hats. A pirate can carry up to 42 pieces of assorted clothing, including the ones they are wearing.

To change clothes, Click the Inventory Chest or Press 'I', then simply select the Garb tab, and select the desired item. Drag (or right click to make it automatically go to that spot) the item to the appropriate slot on the left. Your pirate will be updated and the previous item put back into the wardrobe area.

New garb can be purchased at tailor shops or from Peddlers. More exquisite threads may come from loot after dispatching an enemy. There are also clothes that you can obtain by completing quests or achieving Infamy ranks.

In the lower left hand section, there is a "Face Camera" button that the pirate can click on to see his/her clothing from the front, as well as the back.

In the lower left hand section, to the left of the 'Face Camera" button, is a box with a trash can with an open lid. By dragging an unwanted item onto this box, you will get a small window that asks (ex.) "Trash? Navy Blue cotton Trousers" then it gives the pirate an option of "Trash" or "keep".

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