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General Bloodless is an Undead Brigand Boss leading Jolly Roger's skeletons in the Murky Hollow on Port Royal. Bloodless is one of four Generals the pirate has to overcome to complete the Taboo Doll Upgrade Quest. Bloodless also has to be defeated to accomplish a goal in The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest. Out of all the four generals he is the weakest.

He appears at Level 9-14. His health is around 5,750. He is experienced with the dagger and should not be assaulted by beginning pirates who range from level 1-15 alone. An exception to that would be Pirates in the 10-15 lv. range who can make fine use of Monkey Panic from their weaponry

He is guarded by a few of his Undead Brigand servants, and rarely drops bright clothes, a bit more common than other bosses. He has also been reported to drop famed.

Note: General Bloodless will respawn in the same spot every time.

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