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General Darkhart is an Undead Raider Boss leading the undead in Las Pulgas on Padres Del Fuego. He is one of four Generals the pirate has to overcome to complete the Taboo Doll quest as well as him being the hardest to defeat. He is escorted by other skeletons, varying between Undead Gypsies, Undead Raiders, Undead Slashers, and Undead Executioners.

Pirates should exercise caution when approaching him as he is dangerous.

He appears at Level 28-35 (12,750 - 16,250 health), has lethal dagger attacks, and a sword for close-range combat.

Darkhart is quite possibly the most commonly killed boss due to the belief that there is a higher than average chance of him dropping Famed and even Legendary weapons (like the Lost Sword of El Patron and Silver Freeze). No statistics have been posted to back up this claim, though he does give larger amounts of gold.

Game Notes


  • Darkhart Map
    Darkhart's weakness is ranged weapons (guns, throwing knives and staff). If a pirate stands far enough back (at the blacksmith or gunsmith), he will only respond with throwing daggers. However, if he is attacked with a melee weapon (sword, dagger) or a voodoo doll, he will pursue his attacker.
  • Darkhart is like other Undead Raiders and suffers from a glitch where he sometimes pulls out his sword and does not attack at all. This glitch can be purposely activated, it is great for leveling grenade.
  • Fighting him with a crew or a healer will also make it easier and can increase the frequency of larger chests.
  • Rumors of Darkhart being the source of many rare items means a lot of pirates seek him out. You may find yourself having a lot of company when you locate him. Otherwise, you may have to change servers to get him all to yourself.
  • The easiest way that is believed to kill Darkhart, even when going at him solo, is to use a gun with silver shot. This, unfortunately, is limited to higher leveled pirates.
  • If you are alone, try to have potions on you at all times. Even a lv 50 might have bad luck and you don't want to die from it.

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