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General Hex - clearer

Leading Jolly Roger's forces in the Misty Mire swamp on Tortuga, this Undead Gypsy Boss has holed up at a cabin with a couple of Undead Brigand guards. He is one of four Generals the pirate has to overcome to complete the Taboo Doll quest. He appears at Level 23-30, and is the second-strongest out of all the generals.

Game Notes

  • General Hex will always respawn in the same location every time.
  • General Hex used to be an Undead Duelist Boss but was changed to an Undead Gypsy Boss.
  • No matter where he is attacked from he will always fall through the cabin's deck to pursue his attacker.
  • Hex Used To Appear At Level 15

General Hex's old style



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