Stick Pirates
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The Basics!

Here are some basic tips on looting and getting along with other looters!

1. Ask before you teleport to someone that is looting. It is very rude to teleport to someone randomly. When you teleport to someone you could possibly steal a skull from them and get a famed or even Legendary Weapon and then they will probably de-friend you and you are down a friend.

2. Don't lie about getting something. If you lie about getting a Famed or Legendary, it is rude to the people you are with because if they think you got a Famed or Legendary and it will be junk for a while. Then they might switch servers and you will get a Legendary in the next skull, and have nobody to celebrate with.

3. If you come upon someone that is looting ask before you start looting! It is very impolite when someone comes up and starts looting without saying a word to the looter that is already there. If they say no there is a lot of other places on the same island, go to those places.

Places to Loot!

Isla Tormenta Cursed Caverns -- The Cursed Caverns has been known to drop a TON of famed and legendary cursed. If you are willing to go to the higher levels in The Cursed Caverns (Thrall Captains, Urchinfists, Molusks, and Seabeards) then you have a higher chance of finding a good famed or legendary cursed blade!

Raven's Cove El Patron's Mine -- El Patron's Mine also has been known to drop Famed Cursed and Legendary. Although not as much as The Cursed Caverns does, El Patron's Mine is a good place for a mid-level pirate to level/loot.

What you might be able to find if you are lucky enough!

Notoriety Level

Some people say that your notoriety level has alot to do with finding good weapons such as cursed blades . This is not true! Your notoriety level does not say anything about what you can and cannot find. The only thing your notoriety level says about finding weapons is cursed blades . You cannot find cursed blades until you are at least notoriety level 30 and have completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest . If my level 36 could get Thunderspine Sword then anyone can get good weapons at any level.