Stick Pirates
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Intro into the world of SVS Exchange!

Hi, its me General Warhawk, and I'm here to help you figure out the world of the SVS Exchange! Now the SVS Exchange in the simplest terms is just two pirates (or more) taking turns sinking each other to get their bounty up to make fast gold. It is the fastest way to make gold on the game currently. You can make 200k gold in about an hour and a half!

How to do the SVS Exchange by yourself!

First thing you need to to is:

1. Know how do triple log

2. Know that triple logging causes great lag (to counteract this, you should turn down your graphics setting to low on all 3 pirates)

3. Have 2 different ships with 1 alternate pirate on each ship

4. Jump back and forth to each ship and sink the other ship (make sure you are sinking the ship with the bounty)


This is what you should see when on Task Manager.

How to triple log!

To Triple log all you have to do is:

1. Log into your main account

2. Hit Ctrl Alt Delete like you would if you were logging out of your computer

3. Open the task manager

4. Click on the tab that says Processes

5. Scroll down and click on Launcher1.exe

6. Then click end process(make sure you are logged into your first account before you end it or you will have to start over)

7. Then, repeat the process

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