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This page will now serve as an archive for the content that was in POTCO, and a record of what is/will be in TLOPO.

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'You best start believin' in ghost stories Miss Turner... you're in one!'
— Captain Hector Barbossa


Ghost - The spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons or to haunt former habitats.

In Pirates Online, a ghost is the dead soul of a person in a spectral form, and it is different from skeletons. Ghosts first appeared in October of 2009 with the Tale of Constance Sorrow that occurred in conjunction with the arrival of Invasions.

Ghosts have appeared in different versions throughout the game.

Game Masters

Ghost gm12

(Left to Right) Priscilla Campbell, Pete Abred and Loretta Jenkins

Ghosts appeared initially in the game during October, as a sidestory to the beginning of the Invasions. They were not regular NPCs (Non-player Characters) but were actually played by GMs. They would interact with players, informing them of impending invasions as well as acting out the story of Constance Sorrow.

They were the first characters given the ability to Knock Out troublesome players (or annoying, according to role-playing guidelines).

The Game Masters took on the roles of Constance Moses, John Moses, Captain Cromwell, and Old Sooty, each of whose stories were interconnected, and connected with the Invasions as well. Some of these ghosts still linger around and even appear during GM events.

Once again, for Halloween 2010, GM ghosts began appearing. The ghosts - Loretta Jenkins, Pete Abred and Priscilla Campbell - this time have their stories connected with Raven's Cove after the chaotic battle fought on the island, which left several citizens dead.

As seen in the Feats of Strength, all game masters have the abilities to change into blue, red, or green ghosts.

Ghost Form and Dark Curse


With the release of the New Loot and Inventory system, many weapons were introduced to the game. Among them was the Legendary Lost Sword of Spanish Conquistador El Patron. Users who find and wield this sword have the ability known as Ghost Form to turn into a ghost for a limited time period, halving all of the incoming damage from ranged and combat attacks (e.g. Blade Storm, Brawl, Asp, bullets, etc.).

Dark Curse

A similar ghost transformation skill known as Dark Curse can be found on certain weapons such as Treachery's End. However, it is a Break attack, unlike Ghost form, and charges from taking damage and doing perfect combos. It is also turns you into a different color than Ghost Form.

Ghosts of Raven's Cove

Widow Threadbarren

The island of Raven's Cove is populated almost entirely by ghosts, as the citizens were caught in the battle between Jolly Roger and the EITC. These peaceful spirits merely are trapped between this world and the next and hope the pirate can help free them.

Rage Ghost

Other ghosts have hostile intent like the Rage Ghost.

Rage Ghosts appear at Levels 44-52 and can decimate entire groups of pirates who trespass on the island after dark with their Somber Demise attack.

However, some of the Raven's Cove ghosts are much, much older.

Deep in the mines under Raven's Cove, the shafts are haunted by:

Ghost Bosses

Currently, the only boss ghosts are El Patron and Foulberto Smasho. Another minor ghost appears during the Raven's Cove Story Quest (You can read the spoiler there.)

Foulberto is extremely tough to beat, pretty much requiring a large crew of tough dedicated pirates to defeat him - even then they may have to revive their crew mates numerous times. But, Smasho does reward well with Famed and Legendary Throwing Knives.

Note: Foulberto doesn't always give famed or legendary. He gives all rarities.

Provided you can defeat him effectively, defeating Smasho is the easiest way to get Silver Freeze. In fact, he alone makes Silver Freeze the most common legendary weapon.

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