"Giladoga is a nickname given him by Captain Jack Sparrow, who when they first met, was too full of grog to pronounce his given name, Gil Derga. Giladoga's a pirate with plenty of nautical miles under his belt. He has seen it all, done it all, and fought them all. To him, it's not about pillaging and plundering anymore -- it's about his personal obsession - finding the final resting place of his hero, the notorious pirate of old, Will Parker.

Ole Will Parker's the reason Giladoga became a buccaneer. Will Parker's crucial role in the raid on Cadiz, Spain, led by Sir Francis Drake himself, made Parker a pirate among pirates. He sailed away a rich man, and hadn't much need for pirating after that. Will Parker lived like a King and did as he pleased which is what most pirates want, being the lazy folks they are. Finding the location of Parker's final resting place is what motivates Giladoga. Some says it was in Java, others say it's a remote island off the coast of Africa. But there's a hint on a soiled old map in Giladoga's possession suggesting Parker's bones are buried on Tortuga. You've got to help Giladoga find his hero's grave, or he'll never return to Jack's crew."

- From Disney Pirates Online Site

The quests to get Giladoga to rejoin the Black Pearl crew involve finding the keys to open a buried chest that will solve the Will Parker mystery.

Giladoga can be found at the Ratskellar tavern on Padres Del Fuego, lending a helping hand to pirates in quests. Smuggler by profession, Gil also has no qualms about dealing with the "dark side" as evidenced by when the Casa de Muertos involves him in finding the Lost Weapons of El Patron, in the quest of the same name. Additionally in 2008 Giladoga used to be located in th King's Arm on Tortuga.

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