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The Gold Room (Also referred to as the Treasure Room) is the unofficial name of an area in the Cursed Caverns on Isla Tormenta.


The room is filled with large piles of non-collectable Gold. Several looted items are also found here. Davy Jones' Crew members such as Molusks and Seabeards also appear here. The gold is most likely where all the villains that dwell in Tormenta hoard their gold and stolen items (most likely plundered from ships from which the Flying Dutchman has collected souls).

Game Play

Players have found this to be a fine area for leveling various weapons and looting for Cursed Blades.

Game Notes:

  • The Gold Room was not in the previous version of the Cursed Caverns which was known as Tormenta Cave.
  • A place similar to the Gold Room is a place called Barbossa's Grotto. It also has many piles of priceless gold and paintings.
  • Many pirates of all levels claim to have gotten famed or legendary weapons from enemies in the gold room.
  • Be careful when taking gold or weapons from loot drops as if you get too close to the other enemies, they may attack you, sometimes even 2 or more will attack you because they are so close to one another.

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