Voodoo shackle
Grave Shackles
is an effective Voodoo Doll attack where unearthly chains erupt from the ground to wrap around an enemy and prevent them from moving. While immobile, the enemy may still be able to attack, but it can help you get away from your enemy.

The enemy must first be attuned. Upgrades increase the amount time held. This skill has the longest recharge time.

To use Grave Shackles, have your doll out and attune to an enemy - then press 7 or click on GraveShacklesSkill.

Game Notes

Jolly Roger also uses Grave Bind during Invasions. It can affect numerous pirates simultaneously without having to attune them. If you use it on him, it will stop him for a certain amount of time, making it invaluable.

When a pirate uses this skill it does 1 damage, whereas, when used by an enemy it can deal over 100.

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