Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.
Screenshots sea green

Green Seas is an event that occurs around St. Patrick's Day, commencing in early March.



The main event of this is the title itself - the seas turn green! The causes vary from green dye being spilt into the oceans by Shamus O'Malley (supposedly due to raids on East India Trading Company ships), or a rise in green phytoplankton in the seas. Nonetheless, the seas be a strange green during the time, and it is a fun event for all pirates.


  • Originally in 2009, the event would have a notice on the side when the pirate logs in, saying that the green seas are an omen for something bad, and that the algae seemingly attracts sea monsters. Upon reading this, many pirates were enthralled, and expected the imminent release of the Kraken. When no such release took place, many players were disappointed and full of sadness. To make sure that such misunderstanding did not take place again, the notice was removed.

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