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Give your enemies a little lift with this weapon. Just aim, toss, and wait for the explosion. Be sure to get enough experience tossing these so you know how to aim accurately when your survival depends on it. Remember, like in horseshoes, close is good enough with grenades. Any foe near the explosion will take damage. Fortunately, your mateys can't be hurt if your grenade lands close to them, but you can –– so step back if you're too close to impact.

Game Tip: Grenades are the best weapon against land enemies you don't want to get close to, such as Skeletons wielding cutlasses.

Throw a grenade by clicking the left mouse button. Once you've unlocked the Long Volley skill, you can hold the left mouse button down as the red bar rises, then release it. The higher the bar rises, the further you will throw the grenade. Different grenades have different weights, so practice with each type to sharpen your aim.

Game Tip: Remember that your aim is affected by the terrain on which you stand. If you're on a hill and your enemy is below, you'll need to adjust your aim. Likewise, if your enemy is on a slope above you, you'll need to throw your grenade farther just to reach them.

Grenade Skills

Type Skills Description
Throw Combat Basic grenade throwing skill
Long Volley Combat Hold down the attack button to throw the grenade farther. The longer you hold down the button, the further it will go.
Demolitions Passive Increases the area of effect for your Grenade and Cannonball explosions
Determination Passive Increases your Health Recovery rate
Toughness Passive Decreases damage suffered by incoming physical attacks
Ignore Pain Passive Stun effect durations are reduced

Grenade Ammunitions

Type Description
Explosive A hefty grenade
Stink Pot A weak but stunning grenade
Fire Bomb A flammable concoction
Smoke bomb A smoke grenade that can used to obscure vision
Siege Charge A powerful siege bomb –– watch out, it is heavy

Grenade Ammunition Sacks

Type Description Cost Where
Small Sack Can carry more grenades. 1000 Purchase from Gunsmith
Medium Sack Can carry more grenades. 4000 Purchase from Gunsmith
Large Sack Can carry more grenades. 12000 Purchase from Gunsmith

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