Growin' Grog
is a magical potion that makes your pirate grow to gigantic proportions. This magic lasts for 5 minutes (300 seconds). This potion is the complete opposite of the Shrinkin' Grog.

This is a level 16 Potion that requires:

  • 1 Poison Extract
  • 1 Crab Extract
  • 1 Tooth Dust
  • 1 Cursed Gem

Game Notes

Using Growin' Grog in close quarters, like the four Ghosts at the Southern Idol in Raven's Cove, makes fighting very difficult, so it is unadvised. It is hard to see opponents, select weapons, and view the screen while the Sea Chest is open.

Unfortunually If a pirate gets knocked out, uses a cannon, or steers a ship while under the effect of this potion, the effect will go away.

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