Eitc grunt
EITC icon
These members of the Black Guard do the dirty work for Lord Cutler Beckett. Grunts lift heavy EITC cargo and guard light vessels for the East India Trading Company, though they are only dangerous to beginning pirates.

Attacks include:

  • Wild Swing - A dangerous overhead blade swing (misses often).
  • Savage Blow - A deadly jumping sword strike.
  • Double Cut - Two quick cuts with the blade.
  • Cleave - An overhead blade swing similar to Wild Swing, though less damaging and more accurate
  • Slash - A nasty broad back-slash (aimed at the opponent's neck)

Appearing at levels 13-19 (Health 1,150-1,650)

Game Note: These levels can vary on Flaghips as the levels of enemies on flagships change depending on you and your crew's notoriety level.



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