Stick Pirates
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What is puring? Did I ever hear of it?

Well, puring is the art of leveling only one skill. (For example, a player only levels sword for the ENTIRE duration of the game). It's something that is becoming more common in this game. Its been around in other games such as Runescape. (Which I play)

Why does nobody do it on POTCO?

Not much people do it on potco simply because nobody knows how.

Whats the first step I should take?

The first step for beginners, is just making a player with a catchy name, and getting started. For the names, you either want a funny name, a one word normal name, or a very serious name.

Some examples : The Screaming Goldfish, Hikaru, or the Undertaker

Lets get to how to level up and play with a pure!

For starters, you don't want to pure with a weapon that you won't get for a while in your playing. For example, you don't want to pure with Daggers, Grenades, or the Staff. That leaves us with the Sword, the Gun, the Cannon, and Sailing.

Places that are good to level up with Sword and Gun would be Darkhart ( as we all know), Tormenta, and surprisingly, Outcast Island at the mid-range levels.

The Sailing and Cannon is just pure grinding work. Just hop on public boats and do some work.

This is no where near the same way of leveling as other ways common in POTCO. It takes time, and its hard.


  1. If people see that you have one level 30 and level 1 everything else, they will accuse you of botting.
  2. If you have an old body and you try to pure, be on the lookout for account thieves. ( This type of account is prime rib to them. )
  3. Have fun with this new type of gameplay!

Thanks for reading!

Sorry I haven't made a guide in over a year, I just haven't had time. Find me in gameplay for any questions! From Lawrence Hexpaine/ The Trailblazer / Danger / McQuick Gamer out.

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