Guiding light
The Guiding Ray of Light is a playing aid in Pirates Online. It helps direct the pirate to their goal and works in conjunction with the compass.

When a pirate is tracking a Quest Goal, a glowing streak of light will stretch from the sky to their next destination. If the objective is on another island, the Ray of Light will shine on the nearest Dinghy. Should the goal be a building, the Ray will shine on the nearest entrance. And if the goal is an enemy or NPC, the beam will shine directly on it.

Once the goal is complete, the Ray of Light will then switch to the next goal in the pirate's journal.

To turn off this feature, you must go into the journal (Press J) and click on the Track Quest button to turn off tracking.

Note: The Guiding Ray of Light will NOT reveal dig spot areas; these must be found on their own.

For a complete list of dig spots, click here.


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