A Guildmaster, sometimes known as GM (Not to be confused with Game Master) is the leader of a guild. They can promote and demote officers and veterans, name a successor, as well as recruit and boot guildmates. They are also responsible for naming the guild.

The founder of a guild automatically becomes its guild master. Any pirate can create a guild, if they have an Unlimited Access Account. Also, if you're Unlimited Acess and turn Basic Access you can still remain Guildmaster.

Membership Options

A guild master can perform their functions at any time, by either clicking on the pirate or their name in the Chat Box or the Guild Roster (in the Hearties menu).

In the pirate's profile card, click the Guild (shield) symbol. The following options will appear:

  • Invite (Non-member)
  • Promote to Veteran
  • Promote to Officer
  • Promote to Guild Master
  • Demote to Veteran
  • Demote to Member
  • Remove Member

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