Pistol 1

A Gun is defined in Pirates Online as any firearm. This includes:

  • Pistol - A single-barrelled handgun.
  • Repeater - A double or triple-barrelled handgun.
  • Musket - A long-barrelled, long-ranged weapon.
  • Blunderbuss - A powerful muzzle-loading, short-ranged predecessor to the shotgun.
  • Bayonet - A long-barreled, long-ranged musket with a spear attached to the barrel for melee combat.

Gun is also the skill that covers the use of these weapons and their ammunition.

NOTE: Originally, the Gun skill was just called Pistol.

NOTE: The bigger the gun or more barrels on the gun the longer it will take to reload.

NOTE: Guns cannot be used on human enemies.

Gun Skills

Combat Skills

Name Description Skill Req.
Shoot Basic gun skill.1
Scattershot Basic gun skill. Replaces shoot while using a blunderbuss.1
Take Aim Sight up an enemy for accurate shooting.4

Ammo Skills

Improved and specialized ammunition is also available as the pirate improves their ability with the handgun.

Name Description Cost (Rounds) Skill Req. Icon
Lead Shot Basic lead ball0 (~)1 
Venom Shot Lead ball dipped in poison.3 (25)2Venomshot
Bane Shot A cursed bullet! Decreases attack power by 30%.5 (25)6Baneshot
Hex Eater Shot Bullet strips its target of voodoo power.6 (25)10HexShot
Silver Shot Anti-undead ammo. Ineffective against the living.7 (25)17SilverShot
Steel Shot Strongest metal shot, ineffective against Undead 8 (25)20SteelShotSkill

Passive Skills

These skills improve the pirate's abilities. Once they are learned, they are always in effect.

Name Description Skill Req. Icon
Sharp Shooter Increases chance to hit.8Pistol sharp shooter
Dodge Gives the pirate a chance to avoid ranged weapons12Dagger dodge
Eagle Eye Increases the pirate's weapon range.14


NOTE: You can not shoot an enemy ship with any form of hand-held firearm. Also, there are currently no gun-wielding enemies that use their firearms.