Gunner 02
"No one knows Gunner's real name or where he be birthed. Sailors and pirates around the Caribbean only know that the man is half-mad and half-deaf - the ideal combination one needs to be an expert gunner. His nickname comes from his particular talents in coordinating the Black Pearl's fearsome cannonade. Truth be told, Gunner's lost count how many times he's near-blown himself up, and with that, his hearing and short-term memory are, shall we say, a bit spotty. After leaving the Black Pearl, Gunner went to work for the ruthless rumrunner, Marcel Duchamps.

Like most of his ilk, Duchamps got stingy with his profits. But, Gunner did well for himself by proving to be invaluable. Those Navy buggars were always bedeviling rumrunners, and Gunner's cannon fire artistry ensured Duchamps' product always arrived on time. Gunner's proficiency also led to his downfall. He was given more responsibility, more things to remember and more shipments to plan. It became too much for his Gunner's addled mind, even going so far as to forget where he'd stashed barrels of valuable rum! Duchamps suspected foul play and retaliated by tipping off the East India Trading Company about Gunner's illicit activities. Now, you must help the forgetful ole Gunner locate his lost cache, and replace it, so he can return to the Black Pearl crew."

- From Disney Pirates Online

Currently, he wiles away the time, hiding in a shack on Padres Del Fuego down by the shore and drinking. Gunner has become quite the expert on rum.

In fact, to get him to join Captain Jack Sparrow's crew once more, the player must help him obtain various rums from around the Caribbean - including those he owes to Duchamps.


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