Hack - animation
Cutlass hack
Hack is the quick opening attack with a cutlass. This is the first combo skill.

To use this attack, pull out your Cutlass by pressing the F# key if it is equipped in the corresponding weapon slot, click with with your left- mouse button on the weapon, or if the Cutlass was the last weapon used, press CTRL or the left-mouse button. When close enough to an enemy, press CTRL or the left-mouse button. The pirate will swing the cutlass to perform a Hack.

Increasing this ability increases the amount of damage & slow duration.

Rank Damage Slow
1 21-42 3s
2 26-52 3s
3 32-63 4s
4 37-73 5s
5 42-84 6s
Rank Experince
Gray 1
Green 17
Yellow 19
Red 21