Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.

Halloween or All Hallow's Eve was a notorious time to the inhabitants of the Caribbean, due to Jolly Roger's rather morbid holiday tradition of casting a curse over the citizens and pirates of the islands!

Holiday curse
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During this time, pirates who stayed outside during the full moon were transformed into the undead (Curse of the Muertos Moon or Curse of the Dead Moon), and compelled to attack their fellow pirates and cause havoc around the Caribbean.

Of course, being pirates, most of the "victims" of the curse saw it as opportunity to swashbuckle, plunder and pillage even more than usual. Since Halloween marked the birth anniversary of the game, the development team also added other events in addition to the Curse - which gave way to all-new features such as deadly Invasions by Jolly Roger's forces.


Game Notes:

  • The date October 31st happened to be the birth anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, which the development team intended to celebrate in grand ways.
  • You had the ability to use the emote "Zombie Dance" (to do the Zombie Dance, you could type in /zombie and then hit enter in your chatbox or you could click Zombie Dance from the emote list.)
  • October was the only time of the year you could use this emote, aside from Friday the 13th.
  • It was during the Halloween celebration of 2008 that the development team introduced the Curse of the Muertos Moon, which became a recurring feature for every Halloween.
  • It was during the Halloween of 2009 that the development team introduced island Invasions, which became nearly a daily event for the game.
  • The Halloween of 2009 also saw the addition of Ghosts into the game, as events where GMs piloted them as lore-related characters.
  • The same month had a "Face Your Fears" screenshot competition whereby the top 5 submitters of the most terrifying screenshots won themselves a limited edition Pirates Online Tribal Skull, with their Pirate name and accomplishments engraved on it.
  • October 2010 was the release date of Raven's Cove and its Story Quest into the live servers of the game.
  • The same month saw more ghost events, more invasions, an Undead Sea Offensive and an All Hallow's Eve "ball" at the Governor's Mansion.
  • The Halloween of 2011 was filled with another period of madness with the Curse and an Invasion Onslaught, along with more ghost events.
  • This event usually lasted from October 15th until October 31st.
  • A special Halloween Peddler Set was available close to Halloween each year.
  • By typing in /event or /holiday, you could see how long the holiday season had left and when the next Muertos Moon phase was.

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Zombe pvp

The Zombie Dance

The Zombie Dance was a freaky dance that you could perform during October. This was a popular dance made by pirates to celebrate the month of October and the scary holiday of Halloween. You could perform this dance by typing /zombie or going to the emotes tab to try your skills at the "Zombie Dance".

Zombie Dance00:31

Zombie Dance

  • The song played in this video is Merchant's Folly.

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