Harrow Staff2

Quest star At staff level level 15, the pirate receives the Harrow Staff quest in their journal. These quests are based on finding a mysterious orb for Roland Raggart.

Name Task Reward
Visit Tia Dalma Visit Tia Dalma. 100 Notoriety Points
Visit Roland Raggart Visit Roland Raggart. 100 Notoriety Points
Roland's Vision Spell Acquire items for Roland's Vision Spell. none

Scorpion Eyes

Recover 6 scorpion eyes from Dread Scorpions. 100 Notoriety Points

Alligator Eyes 

Recover 4 alligator eyes from Huge Alligators. 100 Notoriety Points

Wasps Eyes

Recover 6 wasps eyes from Terror Wasps. 100 Notoriety Points

Bat Eyes

Recover 6 bat eyes from Vampire Bats. 100 Notoriety Points

The Cloudy Blue Orb

Recover a cloudy blue orb from an EITC Frigate. 100 Notoriety Points
Energy Extraction Spell Acquire items needed for Roland to cast the Energy Extraction spell. none

Crab Shells

Recover 5 crab shells from Giant Crabs. 100 Notoriety Points

Navy Badges

Recover 5 badges from Officers. 100 Notoriety Points

Scorpion Stingers

Recover 5 stingers from Dread Scorpions. 100 Notoriety Points

Skeleton Ribs

Recover 15 skeleton ribs from Undead Skeletons. 100 Notoriety Points
Potent Energy Extraction Spell The spell proved to be too weak. Gather items for a more potent spell. none

Writs of Authority

Recover 3 writs of authority from Mercenaries. 100 Notoriety Points

Stump Branch 

Recover 5 branches from Stumps. 100 Notoriety Points

More Skeleton Ribs

Recover 15 skeleton ribs from Undead Skeletons. 100 Notoriety Points

Fly Trap Roots

Recover 5 fly trap roots from Fly Traps then return to Ronald Raggart.

100 Notoriety Points
Harrow Staff
Harrow Staff

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