The Haunted Hunt For Ghostly Gifts was a Game Master hosted Event that took place before Halloween 2012, during the weekend of Friday, October 20th.

In the Event, many Ghost Game Masters were wandering the Caribbean looking for pirates to arm with special weapons such as the Witch Hunter Sabre, Grave Reaper, Grim Hound Blade, and Hex Stopper Musket to use during the impending Curse of the Muertos Moon.

  • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12: 1-2pm (PST)
  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13: 1-2pm (PST)
  • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14: 3-4pm (PST)

Official Pirates Online Grog Blog News Posts

Below are various official Pirates Online news posts about the event.

Announcement Post - October 11th

Woe to our friendly Ghost GMs!
As if it weren’t hard enough wandering the islands as disembodied apparitions, Jolly Roger’s infernal hex casting always brings bad tidings to the spirit world. To help Pirates defend against ol’ Jolly’s upcoming onslaught, Ghost GMs will arm Pirates they happen to meet in the Caribbean this weekend with special weapons.

Seek out Ghost GMs this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 12–14 wherever a spirit may possibly roam in the Caribbean.

If yer lucky enough to cross paths with a Ghost GM, they will do their best to summon a weapon to keep ye battle-ready.

Hard-to-loot items such as the Witch Hunter Sabre, Grave Reaper, Grim Hound Blade, and Hex Stopper Musket are all possibilities.

Basic Pirates, this means you too! Ghost GMs can also summon crude weapons that are only found in loot drops for you to equip as well.

Thanks to Jolly Roger’s dark magics, the spirit world is already in disarray so there are no guarantees of a ghostly meeting. But these weapon rewards are surely worth the hunt!

WHAT: Haunted Hunt For Ghostly Gifts
WHERE: Throughout the Caribbean
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 12: 1 – 2 pm (PST)
Saturday, Oct. 13: 1 – 2 pm (PST)
Sunday, Oct. 14: 3 – 4 pm (PST)

You must have open space in yer Weapons Inventory to accept a ghostly gift!

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