Stick Pirates
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IF you want good loot the best sever to get it is at Cortola. Cortola gives best loot. If your looking for cursed go to ravens cove or tormenta. If you want good loot, loot 6 hours or 4 but make sure to take breaks. If you dont get good loot in the first 30 minutes at the place you are at then you should change sever. Loot with the best weapon you have. It has been said that Blunderbuss makes loot horrible around other people. If you want to loot alone either use a cutlass or a blunderbuss. Sometimes if you loot in a place you can find legendary you will get a legendary in two days. Not many no but for El patrons Lost sword just fight at dark heart for to days on the same sever. when you log out remember the sever and the place and just go there. I have lots of friends that do this and have lots of famed and legendary. Hope this helps!

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