Stick Pirates
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oc in this guide i show you a cannon defense guide it might be bad so if you dont like it ignore it.

ok starting off at level 1 navy cannon wave 1 thorugh 200 and level 1 through 200 its easy and fast way for rev ram ok now basics


basic navy ammo

target shot

smoke powder ammo


hot shot

multy shot

powder keg


cold shot


and firestorm

at level 20 cannon you get a cannon upgrade repeater cannon its gold/copper it makes pay share better

now at the ships

light sloop

light galleon

light frigate

second rate




war ships

war sloop

war galleon

war frigate

and now heavy warships

heavy war sloop

heavy war galleon

heavy war frigate

ok last is wealth

you satart at 1000 wealth you defend it and you randomly get prizes 

last wealth you lose

thats all for today's guide :)

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