Stick Pirates
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ok so this guide is a guide about looting ok now to the rate of looting

loot pouch: 1

loot chest: 2

loot skull chest: 3

loot skull chest with legendary: 3 still ok now to looting part

pouches with have mostly bad loot

loot chests will mostly have have good/bad loot

skull chest will have a chance of legendary always take gold and ammo never take bad stuff and best for looting is grenades seige charge broadsword and blunderbuss and that is the basic stuff now to the loot chances







playing cards




gun ammo

cannon ammo

grenade ammo

dagger ammo

and now last part looting

so looting is easy/hard so dont say im going to get a legendary first kill its plain silly

i used to have behemoth' world eater blade, emerald curse and thunderspine

but my lil bro sold them all

my famed.

sharkfang blade

ripsaw blade

whalebone blade

knives of the golden idol

traitor's dagger

sacred musket

hex breaker musket

fullmoon special blunderbuss

swamp throwing knives

and grand blunderbuss

sugested servers





and vachira

islands and places to loot at

isla tormenta

ravens cove

and darkheart on padres del fuego.

now last thing the 9 legendary weapons

heart of padres del fuego

norrinton's spyglass

lost sword of el patron

silver freeze

blade of the abyss

the emerald curse

thunderspine sword

behemoth blade

and world eater blade

thats all for this guide hope it helps :)

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