Hendry Cutts comes from long line of woodcutters in the English countryside. Bored to the blooming gills, Hendry made his way to the sea in search of adventure. Cutts found work as bow swain (the ship's fix it man) and soon found his skills were better suited, and rewarded, on pirate ships. Captain Jack Sparrow took him aboard after a night of ruinous rum consumption in Shanghai. When the crew of the Black Pearl scattered to the four winds Hendry Cutts embarked on a drunken binge in Tortuga and woke up with a hangover… and a wife! While Cutts can't remember saying "I do," it's official, and much to his good luck his new wife, Millie, is both beautiful and well-connected.

Millie's the younger sister of Scarlet - a professional woman of questionable repute who's beloved by pirates everywhere. Despite his first impulse to "make good on the arrangement," Millie's incessant chattering has driven Cutts to the verge of madness. Even worse, Cutts later learned that Millie only agreed to the marriage after he - in a drunken haze - had promised her a priceless necklace that legend says was worn by Mary Queen of Scots on her wedding day. Scarlet is very protective of Millie and uses all of her considerable influence to ensure that Cutts lives up to his end of the bargain."

- From Pirates Online

As part of the Chapter 1: The Black Pearl quests, the player must help Cutts appease Scarlet by fulfilling his promise to Millie. Once that's done, the scheming sisters will have no further use for Cutts and he's free to join Jack's crew.

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