Hex Eater Shot
Hex Eater Shot
is a gun ammunition skill that allows a pirate to use rounds that strip away Voodoo Power from its target. It will only cause minor damage otherwise, but very effective at crippling a enemy voodoo user from bringing their powers to bear.

Can be purchased at any gunsmith at a cost of 6 gold per 25 bullets.

Increasing this ability increases the amount of damage and voodoo taken away by Hex Eater Shots.

Rank Damage Voodoo Damage
1 35 to 70 61 to 122
2 44 to 87 77 to 153
3 53 to 105 92 to 183
4 61 to 122 107 to 214
5 70 to 140 123 to 245
Only with Hex Eater Shot Boost
6 ?
7 ? ?
8 ? ?

Unlocked at Gun Skill - Level 10

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