Hex ward high
Staff concentration
Hew Ward inaction
Hex Ward
is a special weapon ability given to few firearms and dolls. It is a voodoo protection that automatically prevents a voodoo attack against the user weapon. This ability must be charged up over time as the wielder uses the weapon. Once it stops a voodoo hex, the Ward must be recharged to use again. It can even stop the most powerful attacks, even those of Jolly Roger himself! It is an auto-activating skill, meaning it recharges and automatically activates when the user holding the weapon is attacked by voodoo.
  • For some reason, it can also stop most grenade attacks too.
  • When high graphics are enabled and Hex Ward is fully charged pirates will have a blue swirling cloud around them until the weapon is put away or the skill activated. When used a sheild like image will project between you and the enemy.


These weapons have the Hex Ward ability.


Night hunter pistol Shadow Stalk Pistol Foul Bane Pistol Fullmoon Pistol clearer
Night hunter repeater Shadow Stalker Repeater Foul Bane Repeater Fullmoon repeater clearer


Hex Guard Musket 2010-11-15 Hex Stopper Musket 2010-12-11 Hex breaker musket


Night Hunter Blunderbuss - clearer Shadowstalker Blunderbuss FoulBaneBlunderbuss Updated Fullmoon

Voodoo Doll

Straw Doll WardingDoll Hex Watcher Doll Spell-Binder-Doll
Curse braker doll

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