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Hobo's Guide to the Sword

The very first weapon you get is a cutlass. Go through he tutorial and learn the basics of sword. Then fight the two undead outside Turner's place. Once you reach Port Royal, raise up in the Graveyard and get to sword level 4. Then, save up your sword skills. Keep skills then use one for slash on level four.

Save up some gold and buy a broadsword afterwards. Go to Fort Charles but don't attack the EITC. Keep saving skill points and level up to level 8. Then spend 5 skillpoints on brawl (great for PvP)
And at level 7 you will get cleave. Spend 3 skillpoints on it.


Keep leveling here 'till u get to level 10 and spend 5 skill points on flourish. Then move to the Royal Caverns. Once there you may want to find a small crew for help. You should level up to 12 then spend all of your remainING skills points on endurance. Stay there until level 13.



Now go to Kingshead. When you get to level 14 don't buy taunt. It is usless. Instead spend another skill on endurance. Save the rest of your sklls untill level 17, then spend your 3 skills on thrust and spend the skill points for level 18 and 19 on thrust so it has rank 5.



Raise up 1 more level and buy blade storm. Spend the rest of your next 4 levels earning skill points to spend on it. Then move your way to Tormenta. Don't go into rooms with higher levels. Stay in the rooms with Brinescum and Spineskulls.



To be an incredibly strong and fast sword fighter, max out blade instinct and finesse on your dagger!

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