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Holidays were special Events that occurred on or near a real cultural, historical or calendar holiday. These events could include special decorations, themed Pirate items (Clothing, tattoos, Hair Color, etc.), or the arrival of holiday-themed or special Non-player Characters. St. Patrick's Day even brought Green Seas!

Game Masters could appear during these times to participate or lead events too!

List of Holidays

The following annual Holiday's are listed in chronological order.

Holidays That Could Appear Multiple Times a Year

  • Friday the 13th - Appeared different times a year, or even multiple times depending on how many "Friday the 13th's" there were in a year.

Peddler Holiday Outfits

These sets were only available from the Peddlers during specific Holiday Events. They were usually in stock for a much shorter time than normal sets, spanning just a week, or in some cases, only 2 days.

New Years Day peddler Valentine's Day Mardi Gras St. Patrick's Day WildFire
During New Year's Eve
During Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
During Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras
St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day
During Mother's Day
PrincePreviewCard HalloweenSetFied Winter Festival
During Father's Day
During Halloween
Friday the 13th

Garb of the Undead
During Christmas
Winter Festival

Holiday-Style Peddler Sets

Holiday-Style Peddlers Sets were holiday-themed outfits sold near Holiday event periods, but lasted 2 months, on the normal monthly Peddler track, instead of the holiday track, where the outfits left along with the event.

Emerald Duelist pic PeddlerSetJuly PeddlerSet11 PeddlerSet12 Screenshot 2010-11-24 06-37-15
Emerald Duelist
St. Patrick's Day Style
Fourth of July Style
Raven's Cove

Halloween Style
Pilgrim Explorer
Thanksgiving Style
Royal Commodore
New Year's Eve

Game Notes:

  • Though a calendar holiday may only be a specific day, holiday events on Pirates Online could last a weekend or an entire week or two.
  • In order to receive a holiday item, you sometimes needed to purchase it or perform a special quest.

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