Cannon shrapnel
Hurricane Slash
is a special ability found on some broadswords and the rare cursed Spineskull Blade . When used, it's user unleashes a circular slash so mighty that all nearby enemies are toppled over, interrupting any attacks made. Hurricane Slash is a Break Attack, thus it charges as the user receives damage or does damage. It has the same symbol as Shrapnel and the move is very similar to Sweep, but it does not inflict much damage. It can be also used to break an enemy Voodoo Doll attunement.

Weapons with this Skill


Spineskull Blade


Ripsaw Blade Razortooth Sword GeneralsBroadsword Brigadier's Broadsword
Dragoon's Broadsword Cakvary Broadsword1 Soldier's Broadsword Military Broadsword 2010-11-27
EITC Grunt's Broadsword Sword of Triton Nemesis

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