Special Note: TLOPO no longer has an IRC chat channel as of April 15th, 2017.

The Internet Relay Chat (abbreviated to IRC) is a popular chat method that has been used since the beginning of network connectivity.[1] For The Legend of Pirates Online, it was used as a means of communication and discussing the current developments of the game.[2]

IRC hosts a large magnitude of servers, and on those servers many individual channels for chatting. The Legend of Pirates Online had their channels hosted on the GameSurge network, which is The official channel (always prefaced by a "#"), was #tlopo.

Connecting and Joining a Channel

There are many ways to connect to IRC, and people prefer different clients to do so. The most popular way is via Kiwi IRC, a web-browser based chat that can be accessed through For advanced users, mIRC or HexChat is recommended. Basic tutorials can be found online for these chats.

Registering for GameSurge

Before a user may chat on the IRC network, they must create a GameSurge account. This can be done by going to and following the steps to create an account. If a user does not register for GameSurge, they will not be able to chat in any channels related to The Legend of Pirates Online.


Before joining the #tlopo channel, a user needed to authenticate with his/her GameSurge account. This was simple, and could be done by completing the steps provided in the email from Gamesurge, and then typing "/authserv AUTH accountname password". Once this was complete, you could simply type "/authserv IDENTIFY password" to finish your identification.


To hide your personal information (which has already been partially hidden by GameSurge), you can type the command "/mode username +x".


  2. Most information in this guide copied from the Toontown Rewritten wiki

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