Cannon toughness
Ignore Pain is a passive grenade skill that reduces the amount of time a pirate is affected by stuns. This ability is likely learned from the grenade skill since a beginning pirate has to learn the hard way about dropping grenades at their own feet, but it also affects attacks such as headbutts, Critical Strikes, etc. This skill can be useful to those who dislike being Brawled in general, and if the skill is fully maxed, can reduce the duration of unskilled Brawlers to just 1 second of control loss. That includes MOST(if not ALL) enemy NPC's, and Pirates who don't add more than 1 skill point into Brawl.

Increasing this ability decreases the amount of time even more.

  • Rank 1 -10%
  • Rank 2 -20%
  • Rank 3 -30%
  • Rank 4 -40%
  • Rank 5 -50%

Unlocked at Grenade Skill - Level 17

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