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This page contains information from the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Test Server or from The Legend of Pirates Online Development/Q.A. Server.

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Isla Escondida, which roughly translates to Hidden Island, is the name given to an island that was first teased in the beta trailer for The Legend of Pirates Online. Very little is known about this mysterious island and what role it will play in the Caribbean. From examining the trailer, we can see that the island contains a Shipwright and the Ship Repair Mini Game. In addition, there appears to be a fort, cave, and numerous ships docked on the island.

A cinematic trailer revealed another look at Isla Escondida and a never-before-seen sea enemy known as the Sea Serpent. It has been confirmed that the island will compose of heavy Royal Navy presence, but the new land enemies and new story quest are unknown.


By comparing Isla Escondida with the other islands in the game, we can reach certain conclusions. For instance, there appears to be a Shipwright and Ship Repair tables on the island. Other islands that have these structures include the main islands, like Port Royal, Tortuga, and Padres Del Fuego.


These additional screenshots were also taken from the TLOPO Beta trailer [1], as well as the TLOPO Hidden Secrets[2] trailer.

Isla Escondida Docks
Isla Escondida Camp
Isla Escondida Path
Isla Escondida Fort
Escondida trailer
Escondida trailer 2

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