Island Tormenta

Below is the soundtrack that is played while on Isla Tormenta.

Music tormenta

Isla Tormenta ("Storm Island") is a foreboding island between Outcast Isle and Cuba. Tormenta is currently the only home to the crew of The Flying Dutchman, which are some of the most dangerous villains in the game. You'll have to go here to complete the first story chapter. Isla Tormenta is widely known as one of the most dangerous islands in the Caribbean, though many high level pirates go there to level up weapons. Even though their leader Davy Jones is not there, his monstrous crew haunt the caves and the shores of the island.


Enemies here can get as high as level 50. There are no enemies for levels 1-17, making Tormenta an ill-advised place for players of those levels to visit.



There are currently no bosses in any location of Isla Tormenta but a vampire bat boss named Bloodleech used to be in the old version of Cursed Caverns, called Tormenta Cave.

Digs / Special:

Isla Tormenta

Tor 1 Tor 2
Digspot #1: Lies right in front of the right entrance. Digspot #2: Lies to the left of the right entrance, and is close to a group of trees
Tor 3 Tor 4
Digspot #3: Lie's behind a large rock, and is close to the shore of the island. Digspot #4: Lies close to a bunch of rock's and is extremely close to Digspot #3.

Cursed Caverns


The numbers "Ex. (1)" after an item is the location on the island where to find that item.


  • The soundtrack used for Isla Tormenta in the daytime, as well as while battling an enemy on its shores, was also used for when Jolly Roger's Invasions come and go. You hear the daytime soundtrack piece if you travel to the invaded port in question before Jolly Roger and his brigades actually arrive. The battle soundtrack piece plays while the Invasion commences to its battle stage.

Cursed Blades

Cursed Blades Photo

Isla Tormenta and Raven's Cove appear to be the only areas where you can find a Cursed Blade, after completing the Raven's Cove Story Quest, making it very famous among higher level pirates.

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