Jack's Brew is a crude potion that was received from entering the code jacksboost in-game, or by completing the "New Years Challenge for Ye". This incredible potion increases reputation gained by 500% for one hour (except in Infamy and quests).

Background story

This ain't your grandpa's potion, it be Jack Sparrow's and it packs a punch.
— POTCO Grog Blog

The good Captain Jack heard pirates lost some ground in their battles recently, and as a show of good faith, he has chosen to part ways with a little of his "special brew." You didn't think he'd send you out on adventure empty handed, did ya?

Important Notes:

  • All Potions, including Jack's Brew, will be lost if you enter a PvP Match while its effects are still going. If you wish to enjoy the extended reputation for one hour, DO NOT PvP under the influence of Jack's Brew. 'Tis a bad combination. Additionally, the brew will not exceed any notoriety caps.
  • There is a timer for the hour of its effects, so unlike other potions like Swift Foot, the duration continues when you log back on.

Game Notes:

  • The original code expired on April 1st, 2011.
  • Another code (code being jacksboost) was released on August 30th, 2013, in celebration of the closure of Pirates Online.
  • This potion was only available by the redeem code or by New Years Challenge for Ye, and can't be made by potion brewing.
  • This potion was made to make up for bad game coding which caused every single pirate to be rolled back to a couple days earlier, before the bad coding. This happened during the Valentine's Day Event in 2011 and caused pirates to have to redo the quest available at the time.
  • Jack's Brew was originally a common potion, but was changed to crude so Basic Access Players could use it.

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