Stick Pirates
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Using a blunderbuss at south idol

There are many ways to loot at the South Idol. The most common and popular way is to use a blunderbuss with steel shot. This just kills all of the ghosts in one shot with no real difficulty (to do this a pirate must have a pretty good Eagle Eye rank and must be aiming at the farthest away ghost). But, there are many other ways.

First off, a pirate can team up with another high level pirate and use viper's nest, killing all of the enemies quickly. Secondly, is to be alone and use viper's nest. Then, take out a broadsword and kill them (cleanse glitch is very helpful). Thirdly, a lower level pirate can just take out a broadsword, cutlass, or sabre and kill them, but this is slower than the methods provided above and one may die quickly. Fourthly, a pirate can take out a grenade with seige charge and throw it in the middle of the group (if high enough rank and/or level this may kill them in one throw). Lastly, a pirate can out their voodoo staff and uses either wither, flaming skull, or desolation. If ye know another way please add it to the guide but dont take away from the main idea. Hope this helps!

This is off topic but if ye are searching for good weapons such as famed or legendary. Also, go to tormenta with swift foot glitch with blunderbuss and do laps. For more infomation on this see Leon Dreadpratt's Guide to Looting.

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