Stick Pirates
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HMS NewCastle

First Things First

One thing that my guild does is we make our own fleet. Everyone who has a War Galleon gets a crew on the person's ship. Then you should have at least 3-6 War Galleons, war frigates and war brigs or even solo with a small crew with phantom ram.

First Shots

Once you arrive at the Treasure Fleet every ship gets assigned an enemy ship to take down (but not the treasure ship). The best ammunition to use first if you have a rev ram or a phantom ram or bloodhound ram. Thunderbolt, Firebrand, and Fury.

Note: The Treasure Fleets can still move very fast, even without sails!

The Treasure Ship

The first thing you should do is tell your gunners to shoot the sails off of one of the escorts with lightning because fury does not damage sails as much and when it gets close enough to shoot move farther away. Even just crippling 1 escort slows down the whole fleet. Then once you cripple the whole fleet aim for the hull but dont shoot the one in the middle go for the one farthest away from main fleet so it wont have any ships to protect it. Once all of the escort ships have been taken down, the treasure ship will be the only one left. This is where it gets interesting, we port with the treasure ship still sailing. Then we launch our ships again, and take down the remaining Ship of the Line .

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