Stick Pirates
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  • Note: This glitch has not been fixed...Yet
  • The Trick to this is to help you drive better and plunder at the same time while not sinking.
  • If you find any errors, please fix them, thanks!

  1. First, gather a crew that has equipped grenades, as many people as you like.
  2. When a fleet is launched, launch a fishing boat or have a friend do it. Note: only the person who launched it will drive.
  3. Drive to the fleet as fast as you can.
  4. Get ready to see something amazing... Have ye crew throw grenades at any fleet ship and watch as all the ships attack you without getting a scratch on yer fishing boat!
  5. Keep throwing grenades, Fire Bombs are best, until u wanna give up. It is best to keep throwing because you will get rep.
  6. Drive around slowly so that the other cannon's from the Escort ships open fire and miss you, hitting another ship you are parked by. (This is kinda difficult to attempt alone so invite people to help. This will help increase you're skills in driving and using calculations to move in the right spot in the right time.


This is a video from you tube of a fellow pirate attempting this solo. He Did VERY good progess.

Potco Test Server Eitc Fleet Attacks Fishing Boat07:50

Potco Test Server Eitc Fleet Attacks Fishing Boat

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