James Howe card
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James Howe is a pirate from the Marceline Guild. At this time, little is known about him. His notoriety level is 39. He appeared in the Brethren Feast Weapon Giveaway


During a past event, Captain Xavier Hench sent out a letter from behind enemy lines to pirates telling that James Howe had been captured, along with Ben Bowman and Catherine Harcourt; after forwarding information about the reasons for the recent increase in invasion activity. The invaders were seeking a single new weapon rumored to give those who wield it added powers over their enemy.


  • Overall Level: 39
  • Cannon: 25
  • Sailing: 26
  • Cutlass: 30
  • Pistol: 30
  • Doll: 25
  • Dagger: 25
  • Grenade: 25
  • Staff: 25

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