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"Rumor has it that John Carver was a lowly Navy cook before jumping ship and living the pirate life. Carver himself started that rumor. Truth is, until recently he was an assassin for the East India Trading Company's elite Black Guard brigade. John Carver's real name is James Pidgeley and his talent for subterfuge and deception landed him the choicest assignments until Carver overheard a conversation between Lord Beckett and the Royal Navy's Admiral Simon.

It was not intended for his ears and when they discovered it, Carver was a marked man. He fled for his life as Simon and Beckett organized a massive manhunt to return him, dead or alive. Somehow, Carver evaded them and is still among the living. Since that fateful day Carver's been laying low in the only place he figured to go unnoticed and unquestioned - Tortuga. Before Carver will join Jack's crew, you have to help him eliminate the paper trail that could lead to his unpleasant demise…"

From Pirates Online
James "Carver" Pidgeley is the first member of the Black Pearl crew the players are quested to locate. Luckily for them, he's right there in the Faithful Bride. In fact, the first quests revolve around helping Carver stay hidden and destroying the warrants to protect him.

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