Stick Pirates
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Surviving at Sea How to:

1. Maintain distance from the Corsairs, Behemoths, and Juggernauts, since those EITC vessels use the highly volatile explosive ammo.

2. At every chance you get, repair the ship, no matter how much damage you took.

3. When you are repairing the ship, repair till you can't repair anymore. Look at the HUD or the ship health. You see a small bulgy triangle with three meters (left, right, and bottom) and the hull (structural integrity) and speed (integrity of the sails and masts).

4. When the hull reaches critical level, flee to a quiet spot, and tell everyone on the ship to repair.

5. If the captain of the ship happens to drive in close quarters to a big ship, use explosives, if it is port to starboard or vice versa, or even port to port and the other, use explosives. At that close distance it should be near impossible to miss.

6. Don't take on the treasure/expedition fleets yourself. When it's five ships against one, it is nigh impossible to sink even one of the convoy ships with just your ship alone.

7. (Tying in to # 3) It is very important to find a quiet spot when repairing, not just one with light sloops, galleons and frigates, there CANNOT be any enemy vessels nearby.

8. And lastly, I CANNOT stress this enough, it is VERY important that you give the vessel a FULL REPAIR. Doing so will lessen the damage that you take on the sides of the ship, which will help out a lot.

9. Lastly, know which ship is right for the job. Sloop for speed. Galleon for armor, broadside cannons, and cargo space. And the frigate for firepower and fully loaded crews.

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