Stick Pirates
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So the first thing a good commander should do is know the health of a ship. Other important things are the hull and sails. Every pirate knows about them, but good captains know about armor. Armor is very important. It takes up 99% I think of damage, A very importent thing is never let your crew boss you around you port when you want, You sink what you want, You do what you want that is your ship you worked so hard to get,

Comands and sea words

Lets start with sea words your sides are port (left), Starboard (right), Bow (front) and stern or aft (back),

If you can get the whole crew to obey great one of the great camands is OPEN FIRE!!! and then they fire is a great way to get a lot of damage with one attack, You might want to make sure your crew obeys ad the ones that do to your crew if you can tell them what, When, and were if they lesten they well all go after the same guy, When you want them to repair they better or they can wait out at sea untill then if they dont repair and leave believe it or not that is there lost they get nothing of the treasure.

Battle plans

There are three attack plans I know,

1, The open fire, As you know they hold till you say open fire.

2, The rear attack, Frigates needed you shoot with front cannons and ramming speed.

3, The sitting duck, This one you have a crew take out the sails or do it yourself (note only works on normal ships not queen anne's revenge fleet or hunter) then after all the sails are gone he cant move then its a sitting duck.

Hope this helps.Bats6789 05:46, January 26, 2012 (UTC)

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