Stick Pirates
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Hi! It's me, John Whalegrin! I am here to help you win PvP. My thoughts of winning does not always work.

So what is the most annoying thing in PvP is... (drum role) Jumpers! I have found a way to beat them. Jumpers use swords, knives, and sometimes a blunderbuss. The one weapon you need to focus on is knives. Get rid of the knives and beat them with Voodoo. Voodoo Dolls beat jumpers. Staves have a power to spread so they allways get hit if you have the right skill.

Dolls also can attune. Once Attuned, you you can't be stopped. Know if a jumper makes a rule with blades only. Say no jumping if he calls no guns, say no knives. Always aim for knives and that should beat them. I hope it helps.

now if your weak say lvl 15 or lower your on your own but if you can lower ther defense you can take out a lvl 50!!!

Okay, I know all weapon's strong and weak points. Swords: never use 'em if they use range (like Broadsides). If you use them, will run and run and run but if you use knives, with both range and melee, you're good. Use a Doll's life drain to heal, and gun (eather musket or blunderbuss or both) for damage. If you want, let me know if it helps. Fair winds.

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