Jolly Roger Targets Pirate Ghosts is a GM event held in October of 2011. GM Ghosts, Constance Sorrow, Pete Abred, Loretta Jenkins, and Old Sooty boarded Public Ships and raided Raven's Cove, defeating Rage Ghosts along the way.

  • Here is a video of the gameplay from this even staring Pete Abred .

Back Story

Jolly Roger has been using the magic of All Hallow's Eve month to gain a foothold on the islands. First, he made land deadly for Pirates by unleashing the Curse of the Muertos Moon. Now several Pirates report calls for help from desperate ghosts throughout the Caribbean.

Ghost gm lore image2

It appears that ol’ Jolly is attempting to control all ghosts by exerting his evil magic through the dread Rage Ghosts on Raven’s Cove!

Gather yer courage and a brave Crew this weekend to aid a Ghost GM thwart Jolly Roger’s latest vile plan.

Don't let Jolly Roger gain the upper hand, Pirates. Help our disembodied friends this weekend and turn the tide!


If you want to partake in this Event, remember to set your ship to Public during the scheduled times.

BEWARE: Some portions of this Event may involve areas accessible only by Unlimited Access Pirates. Properly warned ye be, mates!

From Friday, October 21 – Sunday, October 23, look for ghostly visitations aboard PUBLIC ships sailing near Raven’s Cove.

When: October 21 (2:45 – 4pm), October 22 (3:45 – 5pm), October 23 (3:45 – 5pm)
All Event times are Pacific Standard Time
Where: Public ships on Galaira, Guines, Exuma, Savica, and Tortos

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