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Ahoy fellow pirates! Many players have faced various issues while playing Pirates Online. Some of these issues can be fixed with very basic troubleshooting. There are three (3) different "fixes" I suggest you try. These steps are for players using a Windows Operating System, specifically Windows 7. If you don't have Windows 7, these steps should still work, but the text and locations of files may be a little different.

Disconnections and Trouble Updating

Coming Soon!

Lag/Poor Performance

There are a variety of issues which may cause lag and poor performance, and not just in Pirates Online either! These issues range from outdated software to the last time you De-fragmented your disk.

John Foulroberts has an awesome guide which I highly recommend you check out. JFR's Guide to Optimizing Game Performance (For Windows) will guide you through various steps to help improve your system.

Other Issues/Previous did NOT Fix

Coming Soon!
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