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Kudgel is Dr. Bellrog's bodyguard near the door where you will battle El Patron on his ship. He is fought after the player has obtained all the idols as part of the Raven's Cove Story Quest. He appears at Level 30 (9,625 hp) and carries a Cutlass. Kudgel has a wide variety of skills and can even use Blade Storm. He appears to have some affiliation with the Navy, as the circle next to his health is the Navy symbol.

Kudgel travelled with Dr. Bellrog to Raven's Cove but when hostilities broke out, they hid in the mines. However, Jolly Roger found them and both were killed along with the others on the island.

Game Note - Spoiler!

The following paragraph contains revealing game information. Highlight to read.

Once the final idol is found Dr. Bellrog says the player is of no use anymore and orders Kudgel to kill the player. After defeating him, the player can go into the door to eventually challenge El Patron.

When Kudgel is "killed" (sent to the afterlife), one cannot see him again. But, when others battle him it is viewed that the player fighting him loses his health and fights with an invisible man. Evil Eye, however, can be used to attune the invisible Kudgel. It is possible that grenades thrown nearby will damage him. You can see him on the compass though.

The compass shows where Kudgel is located at.

The invisible ghost

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