Quest star

To start the quest, you go see Lala Lovel, a Tattoo Artist on Tortuga. The rewards for this quest are notoriety and 2 identical rare tattoos. This is one of the games shortest Quests

Name Task Reward
Lala's Brother Visit Slim None
Partial Payment Deliver a bag of coins to Jack Redrat. 100 Notoriety Points
Forgotten Wishes Recover a diary from a buried treasure chest. 100 Notoriety Points
A Better Tomorrow Jack Redrat's wife always wished that Wildwoods was a bit safer. Defeat some creatures. None
Scorpion Trouble Defeat 20 Giant Scorpions. 100 Notoriety Points
Skeleton Trouble Defeat 10 Undead Skeletons. 100 Notoriety Points
Home Improvement Jack Redrat needs some beams to build a larger house in Wildwoods.
Recover some items to help.
Beams For Redrat Recover 5 wood beams from EITC ships. 100 Notoriety Points
Nails For Redrat Recover 15 nails from EITC ships. 100 Notoriety Points
Tin For Redrat Recover 5 shipments of tin from EITC ships. 100 Notoriety Points
Saws For Redrat Recover 5 saws from EITC ships. 100 Notoriety Points
Planks For Redrat Recover 10 planks of wood from EITC ships. 100 Notoriety Points
Cleared Debts Visit Lala Lovel. *Petroglyph tattoos
Petroglyph Tattoo
  • 2 tattoos total- Each is identical and goes on either arm.

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