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The Launcher was what players used to enter the game. It showed the current news and happenings in game on the left and a login screen on the right. To log in, simply type in your account name and password and press enter. Afterwards, you should load the login screen to the game.

The Legend of Pirates Online Launcher

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Game Notes

  • Originally Players would be able to play the game on their desktop launcher or via the Pirates Online Website using their web browser, however, the feature of playing on your web browser, is no longer available.
  • Occasionally, the launcher may need an update. These are usually to fix launcher crashes, display errors, or to change its appearance. When the launcher needs an update, the following image will pop up:
  • The POTCO Test Server's launcher's news section had release notes shown instead of blog posts.

Old Pirates Online Launchers

2007-2009 Launcher

Before 2009, there was an old style of Launcher for Unlimited Access members, and later Basic Access Members in 2008. There were two variations. One with Jolly Roger, and one with Jack Sparrow on it.


2007 Basic Access Launcher

Until Late January 2008, Basic Access members had a special launcher that prevented them from entering Full Screen Mode. Within the first 7 days of play, however, Basic Access members could have fullscreen, ad free game play. They would play through the launcher and would be restricted to Medium Graphics, and be subjected to Ads about Unlimited Access and other Disney Games every 10 minutes. Due to extreme negative feedback, the feature was removed, and Basic Access was granted Full Screen Mode, Ad-Free Game Play, and Unlimited Graphics Options.

Old Launcher
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